jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

Welcome to my blog

Hi, mane is Andreina Alvarez but you can call me Nina. I´m from Maracaibo Venezuela. I live in Maracaibo in San Francisco. I´m 20 years old. Study law at Urbe. My favorite subjects are penal law and civil law.

I love music and shoping. I like chatting on the internet with my friends. I love listen to music and talking on the phone whit my brother, my boyfriend, my friends, and my family. I hate onions, vioence and injustice. My dream is to graduate, to marry my boyfriend and have a nice job. About English is that is an important matter since I can dominate other Languages.

I my class, I have four friends.
Arcenis, Ana, Karina and Enrrique.

They are from Maracaibo. They study law an at Urbe with me.
Arcenis is 19 years old, Ana is 27 years old, Karina 22 years old and enrique 37 years old. They live in Maracaibo.
Arce, Ana and Karina, likes eating, shopping, talking an the phone.
Enrique love to read and internet chat.
Arce, ana, karina and enrique, hates washing the dishes., there are problems around the world that are affecting lost of innocent people.

They are wants to be a good law years, and thinks that it is really important because technology is leading people to comunicate all around the world., and it is the most spoken language worldwide.

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