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My name is PATRICIA CARBONELL in my party 1year

My brothers Keila Maria Carbonell Parra and Omar Jose Carbonell Parra

Me, My parents Omar Enrique and Maria Elena de Carbonell

My friend was Yeraldin Del Carmen Balzan Paz
Me, and my friends in my party birthday

My favorite Food was The Soup.

My favorite drink was Cerelac.



In November it is of special significance for the people zuliano, since during the same one the celebrations are carried out in honor of the Maid (equivalent zuliano of guajirita) or Virgin of the Chiquinquirá. It for this motive that during these days, the bagpipe sounds with special frenzy and happiness in the whole Zulia. Of the numerous holidays(parties) in honor to the Virgin, probably the most impressive is the so called Dawn Piper, in whom the people of Maracaibo congregates in the dawn of the 18th in the small square of the Basilica, for to sing the Daybreaks and the Happy Birthday to the Maid.

In agreement with the tradition zuliana, the Maid came to Maracaibo on the waves of the lake.

The history counts(tells) that one day of the year 1749, a simple woman had just washed his clothes in the shores of the lake of Maracaibo, when suddenly it(he,she) saw floating a tablita of thin wood, which gathered thinking that him might be useful to cover the water vat that had in the corridor of his house. On the following morning, when it was straining(bleaching) the coffee, the woman listened to a few blows as if someone was calling. It went to see what was happening and it could only startled(frightened) of amazement on having seen that the tablita was shining and that it was appearing in her, the image of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá. For such a motive, the woman began to shout miracle! Miracle!, for what of there the name of The Miracle comes to the current avenue close to the lake, where the little house of the laundress was. After happened, numerous persons came to attend the prodigy, turning for this the house of the humble woman into a place of worship of the Virgin on the part of multiple believers.

To the time of the happened in house of the humble laundress, the authorities of Maracaibo decided to realize a procession in honor of the Maid. It counts(tells) the legend, which the Virgin age taken in shoulders by two men chosen by the own(proper) Governor, when on having doubled a corner, the image put so heavy that it prevented from continuing moving. Finally, after many requests to the sky and petitions to the Virgin, one of the presents exclaimed: " Maybe the Virgin does not want to go to the Church Counterfoil and prefer that of God's San Juan ".

At present the house where the find was effected(carried out) gets up a majestic temple home(fireplace) of our Holy Mistress in which there is celebrated the holy sacrifice of the mass and that miraculous tablita in which the sacred image is reflected, is exposed proudly in this altar, where we can see with great clarity the indescribable and sovereign appearance of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá. The street where the house was took from this moment the name of Street of the Miracle.



Halloween or Night of Witches is a holiday party that is celebrated principally in The United States in the night of October 31. It he has origin in the Celtic festivity of the Samhain and the festivity christens of the All Saints' Day. Largely, it is a secular celebration though some of them think that it(he,she) possesses a religious transfondo. The Irish immigrants transmitted versions of the tradition to North America during the Great Irish famine of 1840.

The word Halloween (declared []) is a derivation of the English expression All Hallow's Eve (Eve of the Day of the Saints). There was celebrated in the Anglo-Saxon countries, principally in Canada, The United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The expansive force of EE's culture. UU. has done that Halloween has become popular.

The day associates often with the colors orange and black and is strongly tied to symbols as(like) Jack - Or '-lantern. Halloween's typical activities are the famous sweet or trick and the holidays(parties) of disguises(fronts), besides the bonfires, the visit of delighted(enchanted) houses, the jokes, the reading you tell the history of fear and viewed movies of terror.

Principal Jack O'Lantern Jack - Or '-lantern The origin of the famous carved gourds develops of a legend of Celtic origin (astride between(among) Ireland and Scotland) on Jack " The Miser " (Stingy Jack in the original Englishman(English)), a farmer who was deceptive and lying to neighbors and friends. This conduct obtained all kinds of hatreds but also a reputation of person so wicked who would rival with the very same Satan.

The Devil, to whom there came the rumor of so black soul, came to verify if really(exactly) he was a rival of similar calibre. Disguised as a normal man it(he,she) came to the village of this one and put to drink with him(it) during long hours, revealing his(her,your) identity after seeing that in effect it was the authentic wicked one. When Lucifer said to him(her) that one was coming to take it to pay for his(her,your) sins, Jack asked for a round him(her) more united as last will. The Devil granted it to him(you,them) but on having been going to pay none of the two had money, so Jack challenged to Lucifer to turning into a currency to pay the round and to demonstrate his(her,your) power. Satan did it, but instead of Jack paid with the currency put it in his(her,your) pocket, where it(he,she) was taking a crucifix of silver Unable to go out of there the Devil it ordered the farmer to make him free, but Jack would not do it until it was promising to return to the hell he to be able stand it for one year.

Passed this time, the Devil appeared again in Jack's house to remove it to the inframundo but again Jack asked for a last desire, in this case that the Devil was taking(catching) an apple placed in the high of a tree this way to have his last food before historment. Lucifer acceded, but when it was in the tree Jack carved a cross in his trunk in order that ithe could not escape. In this occasion Jack asked him not to be bothered in ten years, besides another condition: that could never claim his soul for the inframundo. Satan acceded and Jack met free of his threat.

His destination(destiny) was not better: after dying (a long before these ten agreed years), Jack was preparing himself to go to the sky but it was stopped in San's Pedro doors, the way being blocked since they could not accept him for his past bad(wrong) life, being sent to the Hell. For his misfortune there they could not also accept it due to the treatment(deal) that it had realized with the Devil, and this one expelled him from his kingdom and condemned him to stroll for the ways with a hollow turnip with a coal burning inside as the only(unique) light that his eternal one was guiding to stroll around between(among) the kingdoms of the good and of the evil.

With the passage of time Jack Stingy was known as Jack that of the Lantern or " Jack of the Lantern ", name that was abridged to the definitive "Jack O'Lantern". This one is the reason of using turnips (and later gourds, to the being bigger and easy to deal) to light the way to the deceased in Halloween, and also the motive of decorating the houses with these horrible figures (to prevent Jack from calling at the edge of the houses and to propose Trick or treatment

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On October 2 2009, 60 musicians and celebrities from around the world released a free reworked version to highlight climate change issues ahead of the United Nation's talks in Copenhagen. Singers included Lily Allen, Simon Le Bon from the '80s group Duran Duran and Bob Geldof. The former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and French actress Marion Cotillard also added their voices to the cover version. The song is part of Global Humanitarian Forum tck tck tck time for climate justice campaign and is a part of the greater "TckTckTck" project[3], which aims to draw attention to the urgency of the global warming crisis, by signing a "musical petition" with each download.

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He is Steve Irwin, Nacio On February 22, 1962 in Essedon a neighborhood of Australia. I believe a zoo called Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park sounds it supported crocodiles and reptiles of all kinds. I think that he is a great hero because. I try for all the means to preserve the environment and to rescue the nature. He was a grand man.


She is Nidia Gutierrez of Atencio nacio June 21, 1958 is Cañadera municipality belonging to her take care of Maracaibo. She was the first woman in taking possession of the mayoralty, I fight up to reaching a beautiful municipality. I think that he is a hero since I eliminate the uncivilization in this peoplethis municipality gave an extremely big change due to his great labor and effort.


My personal hero is my dad Omar Enrique Carbonell nacio on August 20, 1956, is of the Municipality Urdaneta's Glen. He is a grand man fighter, person in charge always with his children and wife. I think that he is a hero because it has the characteristics not alone, but it has fought for what wants in spite of all the circumstances. I love it much is my exchequer


He is Sir Isaac Newton nacio on January 4, 1643 in in Woolsthorpe, it was the great one was a physicist, philosopher, inventor, alchemist and mathematical EnglishmanI think that he is a hero since itmade many grand things invent as mathematical calculations, you formulate that they help nowadays to the study of the individuals.

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1) Change

1. I want to change my style
You Should:
- Buy new clothes
2. I want to have more patience
You Should:
- To take the things calmly
3. I want to study a new languages
You Should:
- Go to study in the institute
4. I want to buy a car
You Should:
- I need to working

2) I like to or I’d like to :
- Write a sentences about yourself. Star each with I like to or I’d like to

1. Name Something you like to do in your free time.

I like to do in my free time is to study

2. Name Something you’d like to do in your life.
I’d like to do in my life is graduation

3. Name a TV show you like to wath
I like to watch “The precipice”

4. Name a movie you’d like to see
I’d like to see “Around the world in 80 days”

5. Name one place tourists like to visit in your city
I like to visit “The Cayos”

6. Name one thing you’d like about your city.
I’d like to change about my city is the pollution

3) Bad Habits/ Bad Qualites :
Bad Habits
- Spend too much money
- Eat a lot of junk food
- Talk on the phone too much
- Listen too much music

Bad Qualites
- I am Lazzy
- I am Disorganized

4) Plans and Dreams :
After graduation, my goal is to get a good job.
I’d also like to get married-but not until.
I am 28! Also like to have much child.